New Website Setup Checklist

Configuration Settings

  1. Set up Google Analytics and Search Console using the account (email to set it up).
  2. Turn on Meta Tag Module and add meta tag description for home page.
  3. Turn on Search and Replace Scanner module.
  4. Turn on URL redirects module and click "Save configuration" on the "Settings" tab.
  5. Add breadcrumbs and site affiliation.
  6. Enter a title on the home page that describes the site instead of something generic like "home", "about" or "welcome".

Content (SEO)

  1. Check that page URLs match or are similar to the page titles and words in the URL are separated with hyphens.
  2. Check that images have proper alt text and have short descriptive names with words separated with hyphens.
  3. Check that anchor text describes the content it's linking to instead of being something generic like "click here" or "more" (when possible).
  4. Check that headings are used in proper order and are not linked — unless it's obvious they're clickable like in a news feed.


  1. Indent and format CSS and HTML following the style guide.
  2. Run a Web Audit report and correct errors and spelling notices.