Search and Replace Scanner

Turn on "Search and Replace Scanner" module

The "Search and Replace Scanner" module allows you to search the title and body fields of both published and unpublished content on your site. It searches all of the text including HTML code. You can also perform a search and replace. This can be helpful when updating text or fixing an HTML or spelling error that displays on multiple pages.

  1. Click on “Modules” on the black toolbar
  2. Search for "Search and Replace Scanner" in the filter list
  3. Click the toggle to display “ON” and click “Save Configuration”

To Search Content

  1. Click on “Content” on the black toolbar
  2. Click on the "Search and Replace Scanner" tab
  3. Enter your search criteria in the "Step 1: Search for" box, leave the "Step 2: Replace with" box blank and click "Search"

Search and Replace screenshot

To Search and Replace Content

When doing a search and replace, click "Search" first, before clicking "Replace", to view all the pages that will be affected. The text that gets replaced will be bolded in the search results. I scroll down the list of search results and scan the bolded text to make sure only the items you want replaced are listed.

In the upper right corner is an "Undo" tab where you can view the dates and the items that were searched and replaced. If a search and replace was in error, you can click "Undo" to revert back.

search and replace undo screenshot

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