Process for Starting a New UNLcms Website

Before requesting a new website in IANR, it's helpful to meet with Anne Holz, IANR Media's web strategist.

IANR Media's web strategist will be able to help you with the following:

  • Tell you which features are currently available and which would need to be developed to accomplish your site's goal
  • Connect you with the web team to receive a cost estimate for design and development
  • Provide you with website training resources

Starting a New Website

  1. Determine a web address for your site (
    Type the address in the browser to make sure it's not already in use by another department. Web addresses must be submitted for approval. It is recommended you do this as soon as possible. They will be reviewed and approved or denied in accordance with the Domain Name Policy.
  2. Submit the "Request New Site" form on
    In the "Additional Comments" box note that the site is in IANR. Website requests are subject to approval by DXG.
  3. Explore similar sites
    Compile a list of URLs that show examples of similar features, menu items and content that align with the goal of your site.
  4. Determine the site structure
    You can display a maximum of six main menu items across the top. Approximately up-to six submenu items is recommended in the dropdown menu. Follow menu best practices.
  5. Determine the scope of your site
    • Approximately how many pages need to be created before the site goes live?
    • Do you need to hire a professional web designer?
    • Do you need custom development to use features that aren't part of the standard install?
    • What type of content can you provide for the new site? Photos, graphics, written copy?
    • Who will add content on the site before it goes live? Someone on your team? A web designer?
    • How will your site be updated and maintained after it goes live?
  6. Determine content types
    Visit other UNLcms sites and compile a list of URL's with examples of the type of content you’d like on your site.
    • Rotating carousel images
    • News
    • Social media feeds
    • Faculty and staff pages
    • Web forms
    • Email signup form
    • Event calendar
  7. Meet with a web design/development team (optional)
    IANR Media's web team can provide you with an estimate for web design and development. For more information contact Jason Cooper, IANR Media's communications & media coordinator.
  8. Set a go live date
  9. Training
    See the IANR Media's Web Resources and Media Hub Help session videos.
  10. Design your site and populate it with content (or work with a web designer)
    When you have access to your production site, you'll receive an email. Your site will have an address similar to and will be listed on the my sites page. The site must adhere to the UNL Web Framework 5 Standards Guide. See the WDN documentation for 5.0 classes
  11. Review your site before it goes live
    Check every page on your site. Check that your site's Web Audit score is 100% and that there aren't any spelling errors. Contact Anne Holz to set up your Google Analytics account. Configure site settings for IANR requirements, analytics and SEO.
  12. Submit a form to make your site live
    When the site is ready to go live, submit the Request to Make Your UNLcms Site Public form.
  13. Promote your site
    Include links to pages on your site in social media, print and email communication. Send requests to related sites to link to relevant content on your site.