Modules: How to Add a URL Redirect

Adding a URL redirect in UNLCms is useful when the URL of a page on your site changes or the page no longer exists. A redirect sends a user to a different URL than the one they clicked on or typed into their browser address bar. Adding a URL redirect prevents users from getting a "404 Page Not Found" error by sending them to a new page, preferably one with the same or similar content. 

From (old page) ---------- > To (new page)

In order to add a redirect, the Redirect module must first be turned on. 

Add Redirect

  1. Click "Configuration" on the black toolbar
  2. Under the "SEARCH AND METADATA" heading, click "URL redirects"
  3. Click "+Add redirect"
  4. In the "From" text box, enter the path to the old URL (the part of the URL following the domain name and /)
  5. In the "To" text box, enter the path to the new URL
  6. Click "Save"

Screenshot UNLcms Redirect URL

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