How to Add a URL Redirect

Adding a URL redirect in UNLCms is useful when the URL of a page on your site changes or the page no longer exists. A redirect sends a user to a different URL than the one they clicked on or typed into their browser address bar. Adding a URL redirect prevents users from getting a "404 Page Not Found" error by sending them to a new page, preferably one with the same or similar content. 

From (old page) ---------- > To (new page)

In order to add a redirect, the Redirect module must first be turned on. 

Add Redirect

  1. Click "Configuration" on the black toolbar
  2. Under the "SEARCH AND METADATA" heading, click "URL redirects"
  3. Click "+Add redirect"
  4. In the "From" text box, enter the path to the old URL (the part of the URL following the domain name and /)
  5. In the "To" text box, enter the path to the new URL
  6. Click "Save"

Screenshot UNLcms Redirect URL

Test your redirect by logging out and going to the new URL. If you receive an error that there are too many redirects, checked the URL aliases.

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