Criteria for Requesting a New Website

Website Approval Process

Before submitting a new website request on, request approval from your chair (for a faculty site), manager/director (for a staff departmental site) or a faculty sponsor (for a student focused site). An email will be sent to that person to ensure you have the authority to represent the entity for your website request.

After your request is submitted to, it will need approved by the following:

  1. Digital Experience Group- a partnership of University Communication and Information Technology Services (site approval)
  2. The Web Developer Network Shared Governance Board (subdomain approval per Domain Name Policy)

Criteria for stand-alone website

Before submitting a new website request for approval, determine if all of the criteria below will be met.

  • The website will contain content that can be organized into six main menu items with some submenu items
  • At least one person on your team is designated to manage and update the website
  • There is someone on your team or there's a budget to pay someone to perform yearly framework updates which may require basic knowledge of HTML/CSS
  • New content will continue to be published regularly after the site is live
  • The site will contain unique content-not just links to other websites
  • A site with similar content doesn't exist where it would make sense for the content can be housed