June 2019 5.0/DCF Framework Workshop

Hands on Workshop

Thursday, June 27, 2019 3 p.m.-5 m.m.
Hardin Hall, Room 142

In this workshop you'll complete exercises that show how to update your website to use the new DCF classes and grids.

Lesson presented by: Anne Holz, IANR Media Web Strategist

5.0/DCF Framework Hands on Workshop Materials

  1. Download the workshop exercises.
  2. Download the sample page text file for the worksheet exercises.
  3. Create a new "Basic page" on the staging server copy of your site (must be logged in to view).
  4. Enter "DCF Workshop" as the page "Title".
  5. Copy and paste the code from the "sample page text file" into the editor and click "Save".
  6. Follow the steps on the worksheet to complete the exercises.