Ralston Graham Student Excellence in Communication Internship Program

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Posted on February 19, 2018

Ralston Graham Student Excellence in Communication Internship Program

Student learning how to use the video control room equipment

IANR Media Overview and Program Goal

IANR staff help clients communicate ideas, actions and program and research results to targeted audiences. Using high-end Internet tools, high-definition video and broadcast capabilities IANR Media creates interactive, multimedia environments for the web or media outlets.

AESC Overview and Program Goal

Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication prepares students to be engaged, professional, informed communicators who can express critical, research-based information to diverse audiences.

We prepare students to engage with the public and provide community leadership on important societal issues pertaining to the sustainability of food systems and the environment.

Ralston Graham Student Excellence in Communication Internship overview and purpose

Rollie Graham was born May 16, 1914, in Avoca, Nebraska. He graduated from UNL in 1936 with an A.B. degree in journalism. His first job was on the Lincoln Journal as a market editor.

He later worked for Scottsbluff Star Herald, the Mineral Wells (Texas) Index, and then joined the UNL staff as experiment station editor in 1947. In 1963, he was named chairman of the Agricultural Communications Department, where he also served as extension editor. He served at ACE President from 1971-72. He is a member of Sigma Delta Chi. Graham retired in 1979 and passed away in 2001.

The internship provides opportunities to eligible college students, who are in good standing academically, to be exposed to “real world” work experiences related to their field of study and interests. This includes various communication and technology related areas where IANR Media has expertise such as web development, graphic design, writing/editing, mobile apps, video production, photography, marketing, social media and programming.

Summer Internship Program Features

  • Internships are paid ($11/hour for 2017) and allow students an opportunity to obtain college credit and job experience in their field of study.
  • Summer internships are full-time contingent on available funds and needs.
  • Internships have a begin date and an end date to be determined by the students availability. The length of the internship will vary, but will not exceed the summer period between the end of the spring semester and beginning of the fall semester. Continued employment beyond the internship end date is at the discretion of the supervisor and IANR Media Director.
  • Learning outcomes and mentoring are structured into the experience.
  • Internships will involve learning activities like observation, creation of learning objectives, reflection, and assessment.

Learning outcomes

  • Learning outcomes are a major component of the internship experience. Mutually agreed upon learning outcomes should be concise and measurable. They should balance the work needs of the organization and the student as it applies to their academic field of study and professional career trajectory. These outcomes are agreed upon by the supervisor, the IANR Media Director, and the intern. If taken for credit the AESC internship coordinator or faculty member will also agree to the outcomes. Here is an example of a learning outcome...  “The intern will be able to use social media tools to effectively meet clientele needs and/or promote IANR Media products.”

 Applicant Eligibility/Qualifications

  • The applicant must be a UNL student majoring in academic areas that emphasize communication and production areas supported by AESC and IANR Media.
  • Preference will be given to AESC majors or related majors in CASNR or CEHS.
  • The applicant must be in good academic standing, as defined by his or her academic department.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to interact professionally with a diverse clientele via phone, email, and in person.
  • Proven leadership qualities, reliable, proactive, resourceful, creative, and detail oriented.

Summer Internship Application Deadline and Timeline for 2017:

February 16 – Applications due
Month of February/March – Interviews conducted
March 26 – Internship awarded and applicants notified

How to Apply:

Please send cover letter, resume and two references to:
IANR Media
209 ACB
Lincoln, NE  68583-0918

The cover letter should discuss your qualifications. What this internship would mean to you. What you would like to learn and how you can help and add to IANR Media’s capabilities. It should also include your contact information, student ID #, major(s), minor(s), year in school and anticipated graduation date.

We will contact you for an interview.