Exclude internal traffic from your Google Analytics

Have you ever been excited to see a traffic spike only to discover later it was the result of you or a team member working diligently on the site?

Below are ways to exclude internal traffic from your Google Analytics report. Keep in mind, excluded traffic can't be retrieved. After implementing changes, test that hits are being recorded as expected with GA Realtime

  1. Use the UNLcms Google Analytics module “Roles” tracking settings to exclude users with selected roles (only works for Universal Analytics, not the new GA4)
  2. Install the Chrome Google Opt-out Add-on and work on the site in Chrome with it turned on. (Keep in mind, this add-on, when turned on, will exclude your traffic from every site you visit with that browser, not just your site.)
  3. Exclude a static IP address or a range of IP address with a Universal Analytics filter or a GA4 Data Streams filter (the Campus Network uses dynamic IP addresses, not static. Excluding a range may exclude traffic you don't want to be excluded.)

screenshot unlcms exclude traffic