UNL Website Requirement Checklist

Below is a checklist to determine if your site is following UNL style book requirements. For a complete, detailed list of requirements see the UNLedu 4.1 Style Book.


Navigation doesn't contain duplicate links
All pages on your site can be grouped under one of the main navigation links
Breadcrumbs include site's home page and end with the title of the page you are on


All images have alt text that describes the image in a way someone would know what it's of without having to view it ( except images used for decoration, like a pattern background image)
All videos have captions
Color alone is not used to convey information
Text on a background color has a contrast ratio of 4.5:1
HTML text displays over images instead of being embedded in images
Nothing flashes more than 3 times in a second
Headings are being used properly, in order and only on text that is a heading (not to format non-heading text with the same color, size and font as a heading)
There is only one <h1> tag per page

Valid HTML

Site has an 80% or higher Web Audit score
Site has no broken HTML
Site is responsive (content in columns uses grid with breakpoints)

Local Footer


Class names that you add do not start with "wdn"