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Written by: Anne Holz | IANR Media

The "All Pages" Google Analytics report displays traffic information for all the pages on your site that have been visited during the selected date range.

In Google Analytics:

  1. Select a date range for your report
  2. On the left navigation click BEHAVIOR>Site Content>All Pages.
  3. Above the table, next to "Primary Dimension", click "Page" to view by URL or "Page Title" to view by page title

"Pages" are listed by URI. URI is the part of the URL following the domain name.

The URL is
The URI is /about

If you recognize pages better by their page title, click "Page Title" above the table, next to "Primary Dimension".

If you're not sure which page a link refers to, you can view the page on your site by clicking the little grey box with an arrow in it.

Google Analytics All Pages Report

All Pages Report Columns

  • Pageviews - Total number of times a page is viewed. 
  • Unique Pageviews - Number of times a page is viewed based on session. The default session is 30 minutes meaning a new session starts when a user is inactive on the site for longer than 30 minutes. If a user views a page three times during the same session it counts as one unique pageview. If a user views a page once then comes back over 30 minutes later and views the page once again, it counts as 2 unique pageviews. 
  • Ave. Time on Page - Average time a user spends on a page before going to another page on the site. If the exit rate is 100%, meaning the user left the site after viewing the page, the average time on page can't be calculated and will display as zero. 
  • Entrances - Number of times the page was a landing page—the first page a user hits when they go to the site.
  • Bounce Rate - The percent of sessions where the user didn't interact with the page. Interaction might include clicking to another page or an event like downloading a file. Pages like your home page, which is designed to direct traffic to other pages, should have a low bounce rate. 
  • % Exit - How often users leave the site after viewing a page without visiting another page on the site.
  • Page Value -  Average value for a page that a user visits before completing a goal. It helps you determine which page contributed the most in accomplishing a goal. For example, if you assigned a value of $1 to the goal page and a page has 10 unique pageviews where 5 of the sessions completed the goal, the page value will be 50 cents ($5/10). If another page has 1 unique pageview and 1 goal completion, the page value will be $1 ($1/1).

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