Written by: Anne Holz | IANR Media

Create Form

  1. On the top grey navigation bar click "Add content" then click "Webform".
  2. On the "Create Webform" page enter the form "Title" (Example: Volunteer Registration Form) and a description in the "Body" field (Example: Include a more detailed description of what the form is for and give instructions to complete it. ), then click "Save".
  3. To create the form, click and drag a field on the right to the "Form preview" area on the left. To change the field label, hover over it and click the edit pencil icon, then enter the label in the "Title" field (Example: First Name). If this is a required field click the "Validation" tab and check the box next to "required". Click "Save". Do this for each form field you want to add. When done adding fields, click "Save".

Set Up Form Email Notifications

  1. After adding the form fields in the steps above, click the "E-mails" button under the "WEBFORM" tab.
  2. Enter the address you'd like the form submissions to be sent to and click "Add".
  3. Under "Email to address", "custom" should be selected with the address you'd like the form submissions to be sent to (Example: yourname@unl.edu)
  4. Under "E-mail subject" select custom and enter what you'd like to be in the email subject to be (Example: Volunteer Registration Form Submission)
  5. If your form includes an email and name field, under "E-mail from address" and "E-mail from name" select "Component" and select email and name respectively in the dropdowns.
  6. Click "Save e-mail settings".

Customize Form Submission Confirmation Page

  1. Click the "Form settings" button under the "WEBFORM" tab to customize the thank you message a user sees after submitting the form. Enter thank you text in the "Confirmation message" editor then click "Save configuration".

Remove Author and Date Info on Form

If you're form is displaying author and date information at the top, you can remove it by following the steps below, otherwise you can skip this section.
  1. On the top black navigation bar click "Structure" then "Content Types".
  2. On the "Content Types" page click "edit" next to "Webform".
  3. On the "Webform" page, scroll down and on the left navigation click "Display Settings". Uncheck "Display author and date information" and click the "Save content type" button.

View or Download Form Submissions

  1. On the top black navigation bar click "Content" then click the "Webform" tab to view or download submissions.