Books allow you to organize pages under a topic. This could be useful for policy documentation or how-to instructions. Books have a navigation menu to help users navigate the book. This page is part of the ‘Resources’ book!

To create a new book, go to ‘Add Content’ and select ‘Book Page’. In the left menu at the bottom of the page, select the ‘Book outline’ options. Under the ‘Book’ dropdown, select ‘<create a new book>’.

screenshot showing how to create a new book

Once your book is created, you can add pages to it by adding a new Book Page and selecting the book from the Book outline options. After selecting the book, choose where it will go in the hierarchy of the book under ‘Parent item’. You can use this to create sub-pages for topics.

The page you're reading has a 'Parent item' of "Organizing Pages on Your Site", which has a 'Parent item' of "Getting started", which has a 'Parent item' of "Resources".

Only published book pages will be viewable in the ‘Book’ and ‘Parent item’ menus.

screenshot showing how to create a new book page

The ‘Weight’ option determines the pages’ order with the Parent item. Light numbers ‘float’ and higher numbers sink. For example, a page with a weight of 1 will display after a page with a weight of 0 under the same Parent item.

screenshot showing how to edit the weight of a page

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