5.0 Adjustments

When viewing your site in the 5.0 Framework you may notice some of your content didn't adapt as well to the new font sizes or margins. If you have a site with hundreds of pages, making changes to each page, one at a time, can be time consuming. 

Below is a list of common fixes you can apply across your site.

  • Two page titles displaying
    Page titles that were hidden using CSS will need #pagetitle h1 replaced with .dcf-hero

    Content type page titles (Aricle, Basic Page, etc) can be hidden with the "Hide page title" option.

    1. Edit the page
    2. Click 'Publishing options" on the bottom left navigation
    3. Check "Hide page title"
    4. Click "Save"
  • Fonts
    Replace Tungsten fonts in CSS with "Gotham SSm A", "Gotham SSm B", Verdana, sans-serif
  • Heading too bold
    Add class="dcf-regular" in the heading tag (ex: <h2 class="dcf-regular">)
  • Carousel not working, stacking images on top of each other
    Add the WDN.initializePlugin('carousel'); code in the Appearance>Settings JavaScript box on both the 4.1 and 5.0 tabs and remove the <script type="text/javascript"> WDN.initializePlugin('carousel'); </script> code from the content areas.

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