July 2018 Web Audit Workshop

Hands on Workshop

Thursday, July 26, 2018 9 a.m.-11 a.m.
Hardin Hall, Room 142

In this two hour hands-on workshop you'll learn how to use Web Audit and other online tools to help keep your site free of HTML and accessibility errors. You'll also find and fix common Web Audit errors in UNLcms — using strategies that can later be applied to your own site..

Lesson presented by:
Becky Aiken, IANR Media interactive design specialist
Anne Holz, IANR Media Web Strategist

Web Audit Hands on Workshop Materials

  1. Download the workshop worksheet.
  2. Download the sample article text file for the worksheet exercises.
  3. Create a new article on the staging server copy of your site (must be logged in to view link to site).
  4. Give the article a title (example: About 4-H)
  5. Copy and paste the code from the sample article text file into your article and click "Save".
  6. Follow the steps in order on the worksheet to complete the exercises.
  7. After all of the steps are completed and you run a new site page scan, the sample article should have a passing Web Audit score, "P".