Mike Kamm's video work receives Golden ARC Award!

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Posted on July 31, 2015

Mike Kamm's video work receives Golden ARC Award!

Jason Cooper
The Grain Bin Theater at Raising Nebraska

If you have visited the  Raising Nebraska   exhibit at the state fair grounds in Grand Island, then there is a good chance you have seen the  Golden ARC winning "Nebraska Agriculture" video   which plays in the  Grain Bin Theater .

The video was a collaboration between the  Nebraska Department of Agriculture Nebraska Extension , and  David and Associates . Our own Mike Kamm provided videography as well as produced and edited the video. Congratulations to him for his excellent work!

We also need to brag on three of our other video producers who contributed footage to the project: Brad Mills, Jeff Wilkerson, and Kurtis Harms. Our electronic media team continues to crank out top-notch work!

While Raising Nebraska is located on the fair grounds, it is actually open year-round. Check their website for hours of operation  and stop by next time you are in or passing through Grand Island.

Watch the video here:

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